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The mysterious Blood Moon is upon us!

On the 27th of September we have a Blood Moon, also called a Super Moon, because the moon looks like it’s very close to the earth, and this is why we feel it’s effects so intensely and dramatically, causing you to shift the way you think or do things.

So be prepared to feel  things so intensely during this time, and without you understanding why or how don’t be alarmed if you start to feel your passions and emotions running high.  I garantee many people in challenging relationships will really feel the pull of the Super  moon awash them with great feelings of despair, and “I can’t hack this anymore…what the hell am I doing??!!”  Many people will rethink their relationships at this time and wonder if they should leave, stay or reboot…especially as the sun travels through the sign if Libra, during this great celestial and astrological time.

Did you know the Super Moon has many references made to it in the bible ….and whilst I think we will all survive this grand event, I can’t help thinking events such as these bring about some earth shattering event which is always televised,  and on a very personal and subconscious levels events occur which make us think how can we lead more rewarding, beneficial and uplifting for ourselves…the theme of death and transformation enter my mind..

Yes eclipses can be uncomfortable and intense.  Think of it this way the more you resist and tempt fate and nature the more you will suffer…so sit comfortably, flow with the forces of nature and attempt to read what is being said to you, shift and change if necessary and before long the moth becomes a butterfly

I will be watching the Stockmarket very closely this week and next to see if we have a crash on our hands …because many are saying this Blood Moon falls on a 7th year cycle which always brings a huge Stockmarket correction or crash, and many great theorists believe many marriages and partnerships romantic and business will dissolve during this time…we will see…but before they dissolve calamities may occur…this is an intense time

In order to get the best out of this grand time, when  this Full Moon takes place stand in front of it, ask a question and an answer will be revealed to you shortly afterwards. This is truly a magicial and mystical time ..the energy Is there for you to harness,  take time to let go of people, habits and relentless drama which no longer serve you, and use this powerful energy to cleanse yourself and transform your life so you can become the best person you want and need to become




Enjoy your life


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