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The New Moon’s Impact on Your Life

I haven’t written much in the way of astrological planets and how they may influence you. I usually only concentrate on the Tarot Cards and what they hold for the week ahead of you. However, I decided to mix it up a bit and look at what is happening in the heavens that will have an impact on you.

A New Moon on Saturday, 22 November


I am a firm believer in working with the energy of the Moon phases in order to get the best out of your day. And with such a powerful New Moon coming up on Saturday, it will be the one force which has the biggest impact on you this week.

The New Moon on Saturday very much correlates with love.

Why is love such a big deal with this specific New Moon? Because Venus is firmly tucked in there on Saturday at 11.32pm. In an astrological sense, this means it’s all about love starting anew.

Take some time to prepare for this New Moon

If you are in love and your feelings are not being met, it may just be time that you put your energy into a new love where your feelings are being reciprocated. Of course life is not so black and white. A lot depends on your personal chart.

It’s all about strong love; love that is meant to be will never be pulled apart with these celestial energies. So take note of what happens. Is he meeting you half way or is this all too hard?

A time to make right what has gone wrong

If your relationship is still together and strong but there has been a few ups and downs, this New Moon triggering the love planet Venus, is a chance to sort things out. With Mercury no longer going backwards, life is bound to be a little less chaotic.

Help! I’m single!

If you are single and looking for love , it’s time to look forward to new possibilities that come your way. The New Moon can certainly help you do this. Remember it can happen. You just need to really want it and more importantly, really believe that you are worth it!

Have fun working with this New Moon energy.

If you need more help sorting out your love life or want a more accurate reading of your personal chart, I’m just a phone call away.

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