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The Significance of a Yearly Tarot Spread

Did you know that each year of your life there are significant events and situations that will impact on your life? Learn from these events and you will find yourself enjoying life to the fullest. A yearly Tarot spread is important to help you prepare for and navigate your way through your year.

In a yearly Tarot spread there are four cards that will greatly influence your life


The Long Range Card

This card gives you an upfront view of the entire year you are in at a glance. This card could be a card of success and happiness or a card of challenge and hard work. Whatever it is, it is important to you.

The Pluto and Results Card

This represents your greatest challenge, something you are willing to master or make changes in your life for your own personal growth and maturity. You may be getting rid of debt or start standing on your own two feet. This card signifies a challenge that once overcome can bring you much relief and freedom.

The Environment and Displacement Card

The Environment Card represents what will come easily to you in the year; where you won’t have to try so hard but will always be reassured of success. The way to maximise the beneficial influence of this card is to just be open to receiving as much as you can and consciously affirm your appreciation for what you are receiving.

he Displacement Card

This card represents a personal situation which requires more effort than normal on your part. Some would say it is where you must give more of yourself in order to achieve sucess. It is an area of hard work but can really pay off in the year in question. Please note – make that special effort and the whole year in question can be one of the best years of your life.

If you would like a reading based on this very ancient and rewarding technique of reading your yearly Tarot spread, call me. It may just be the reading that turns your life around.


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