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The significance of the tarot cards in a reading

When I give my client a psychic reading I always use the Raider Waite tarot cards as an extra tool in order to enhance my psychic reading and predictions. The Raider Waite tarot cards are such a special tool, and should be taken for granted when a psychic gives you guidance through this medium, for their symbols are so powerful and spiritual to say the least…
I amazed to find that most people are drawn to tarot cards, even the most sceptical, their curiosity always brings a smile to my face. Many people ask me “how do I become more psychic?” I tell them there are a number of ways to do this ….one of the most significant ways it to learn theTarot. Below I have listed some techniques one can use in order to become an effective tarot reader.

The Raider Waite deck of cards show different scenes that you have to pay close attention to.
Take some controlled time to understand what the cards are saying the scene in the card might give you a vital clue about what is going on in your life, or may answer a question you may have about a particular situation. The imagery can be quite powerful. Let’s look at the eight of cups this man is turning his back on love….maybe he needs a break, or needs to go within and think through a situation, and leave loved one behind….The picture maybe a reflection of what is happening in your own life, or the picture can reveal why something is happening in your life….

Go through the raider Waite cards, and analysis the symbols on the card. Do they silently give you a story or do they give some strong and silent messages, if so go within and accept the messages….by doing so you are becoming more and more psychic and intuitive. Each picture has a universal message, but with constant use you will develop your meaning with each card, accept that meaning as your truth and simply go with it, you will be amazed how powerful your own psychic ability can become and strong you become in your spiritual evolution.

Analyse the quality of the tarot suits. Separate the cards if the major arcana from the remaining group of your cards in your deck. Set the court cards and the minor arcana cards into four separate groups which includes wands, pentacles, swords and cups. Every suit has a specific quality and represent a particular aspect of everyday life. Wands represent the element if fire which include aspects of vocation, creative drive, spiritual aspect. Pentacles are the earth element which represents money, health, body and the physical world. Swords serve as the air element that includes aspects such as communications, thoughts and mental aspect. Cups show the water element which represents relationship, feeling and emotion. Use these aspects to tell you a hidden and significant story which is going on in inside of you.

Pay attention to any/lack of movement in the cards. Some cards represent a past or future movement, look at the action or direction of the card, all of that will give you a hidden meaning of what is happening with your psychic question or predicament. Please note also the cards which represents no movement or growth, they will also play a significant part in your story ….cards like the hanged man or 4 of cups will represent a feeling of being cut off, of no growth ect…does this represent a certain aspect of your life at the moment ?

Over time you will find that along with the text book interpretation of the card, you will intuitively
Interpret the cards in your own distinctive and unique way, you will develop a particular way of reading each card…please don’t fight the way you interpret them, for you will be amazed with how accurate your interpretation will be. After many years of using tarot cards, it constantly amazes me as to what message each picture screams out to me, and as the years have gone by I don’t fight or question what they are trying to tell me…because for the most part that message that comes from deep down inside of me is….usually correct.



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