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The year of the Fire Monkey, 2016

As a psychic I see the year of the fire monkey is going to shake, rattle and roll, so expect the unexpected.

The monkeys personality
The monkey is an intelligent, witty, and inventive animal. They are smart and real problem solvers, working together and independently on any project. They are achievers in this lifetime. The nimble monkey is playful, youthful in nature, and is a joy to watch as it moves from one thing to another. The monkey has an unbelievable curiosity and creative energy. Though worshipped by the Buddhist monks, the monkey is commonly regarded as the emblem of trickery.

The monkey is very intelligent, hyperactive and strong willed. Free of inhibitions and guilt, too busy to be feeling any of that!! I love the monkey, for his curiosity and active mind will lead him to believe anything is possible, nothing is to difficult or impossible.

Did you know that every animal has a shadow side, and our little mischievous monkey is no exception. This crafty little animal can turn the monkey into a tricky tactician, opportunistic and not at all trustworthy. This ever youthful animal can become unscrupulous and unfaithful.

Some famous monkeys are Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Danny Di Vito and Leonardo da Vinci.

In 2016 expect the unexpected, so don’t worry if your plans go a little haywire. The influence of the monkey puts everything into flux. This cheeky little animal makes everything happen at a speed of lightning during 2016. There will be increase communication, humour and wit, helping us get through life with a little wit, humour and sarcasm, why not !

The monkey will find a very unique solution to an unusual problem. Daring and different brings about success.

During the monkey year there will be a lot of deception around, so watch out for the fast and cheap talkers. Mental energy is very high so a good exercise and fitness routine is needed. Do it remember the monkey never sits still and loves to be activity, honour the year of the monkey by being active!

A particularly auspicious time for new inventions, the year of the monkey is all about taking risks and being rebellious, a year win sheer guts and courage will win out. Now is the time of courage, action, anarchy and true devotion to even the wildest of schemes, a time to start new endeavours, for they are destined to succeed in the monkey year.

Please note this will be an amazing year for : rats,dragons, monkeys

Please note this will be a pleasant year for goats, rabbits or ox

Please note this will be an exciting year for roosters and horses

Please note this will be a complex year for tigers, snakes, boars and dogs



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