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Three Triple Eight Days In August!

Wow! As if everything going on in the heavens at the moment with Uranus and Venus in retrograde and a recent Blue Moon isn’t enough, the numbers are also on our side. Yes, this month the number 8 plays an enormous role in our lives.

The number 8 puts the focus on our finances, business, careers and the authority that we have. It also represents balance.

Not only is 2015 an 8 year (2+0+1+5 =8), August is also the 8th month of the year. Two eights in combination with each other are already very powerful. Now imagine what happens when we add a third 8 to the mix!

In August there are no less than three triple 8 days!


8 August, 17 August (7+1 = 8) and 26 August (2 + 6 = 8) are all triple 8 days. This means that not only do the days come to an 8 but also the month and the year. How powerful is that?

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With the power of the triple 8, this is the perfect time to manifest what you desire as far as your business, career and finances are concerned. But since the number 8 also speaks to balance, it’s also a day in which you need to see that you have balance between your material and spiritual world. Of what worth is money if your soul is withering away?

Some of the strongest traits of the 8 are drive, ambition, authority, efficiency, organization, management, discipline and control. It is goal-oriented, focused, has good judgment, can discriminate and is practical. On these triple eight days it will be good to take time to think about ways in which you can ensure that you find balance in your work and personal life, while still staying focused and reaching your goals.

Using these triple eight days to manifest what your heart truly desires will give you that extra help from the Universe that you need to make you prosper in more than just your finances.


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