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Virgo ♍️ horoscope

Virgo ♍️ horoscope
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There’s no shortage of romance and passion this February, which is perfect timing if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day! Venus enters Aries on February 7 and remains in “hot stuff” mode through March 4. This is not a receptive placement for Venus. No, this is all about high heels, red lipstick, skin-tight dresses, and a “catch me if you can” attitude. The flirty chase and the thrill of eventual conquest is what drives Venus in Aries, which means your love life won’t be a snooze fest now. Adding to the heat is a scintillating Full Moon in Leo on February 9, sure to open hearts everywhere wide open! Translation? Clear your schedule and make room for plenty of sexy time in February. And don’t forget the red lipstick!


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