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Want to know how your week will pan out for the week beginning 26/10/15

Hello there it’s that time of the week when spirit might have some valuable advice as to how to get through this week in a more positive way….please centre yourself and see which card you are drawn to….please remember there is no right or wrong in the card that you are drawn to:

As a online psychic I am very drawn to  Tarot Cards as they are full of special spiritual significance and can be a very special and useful  tool in guiding you make better choices in regards to important decisions you may have ….in your life.

Please sit quietly and take a deep breath in and choose a card…let the significance of that card help you in important decisions you may have for your week ahead ….
If you are drawn to:

Card one
The hermit
You will attain that which you are seeking
You don’t have to have all the answers , or know the future in advance, in order to ward of failure .  Reservations and distrustful thoughts are a barrier that stands between you and the Source, so attempt to eliminate them
So don’t try to force a situation or a resolution.  Take a modest or reticent approach with dignity and grace
If you do this you will accomplish most if your goals and emerge into a new plateau of potentially, yet you know that this is only the first step of your unfoldment and there is much more ahead of you to be achieved

Card two
Knight of cups
You will be advancing towards your goals. Except positive changes because things are looking up
Asking “why this and why that” stems from lack of faith.  Pretend that you have faith and faith will be given
You will receive lots of invitations or proposals accept them for later they will pan out better than expected
In turn you can expect a fresh start and a new level of experience

Card three
A situation will arise that will lure you entice or beckon you on…a very tempting offer.  And your wish for a union will soon be fulfilled
Think the situation out before you approach it.  If you are sincere, you’ll get whatever help you need,  if not you will run into obstacles.
Eliminate weak points and promote yourself, your own business and social activities.  Go for it.
You will serve others,increase your earnings and promote yourself or your business… Your strategy will prove right in your business so go for it



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