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Want to know what type of week you will have, then read on ?!❤️

Want to know what type of week you will have, then read on ?!❤️

Pls note if you want a psychic phone reading I am available today for consultations ? from 7am to 8pm?

So join in and choose a number!
1, 2 or 3?
Choose an area of concern

Pls take a moment to centre and clear your mind✌️

And ask the question repeatedly
What does this week have in store for me?( Keep in mind area of concern)?

Choosing more than one column defeats the purpose?

I will write a meaning for each NUMBER later this evening, writing a spiritual meaning for each column later, or after you have written your choice is significant, as this authentically allows you to choose the column that truly resonates with your ❤️ and not be swayed by the interpretation of the card

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