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Want to know what’s ahead for you this week?


Want to know what’s ahead for you this week?

Then this post will give you insight into your week, will it be an easy or challenging week?

Need guidance with your week, or just wanting a peak at what’s to come ?

Then look at participating in this tarot spread.
This spread accurately predicts your week.
Join in the fun and find out what your week holds for you ?
Follow the general guidelines to obtain a free mini look into your week.

Ok first thing….
What area of your life do you want to explore:
General outlook
Love matters
Work issues
Or/ Finances ?

Do you remember which number you chose on Saturday (1. 2. Or 3?)
If not pls go back to Saturday’s post to see which card you chose.
In this post we will look at Card 3

If you chose card 3
Three of cups
The focus is on self improvement, self healing( nourishment or recovery) self realisation and self love, social media and interaction, the effects of others, spiritual awakening, animals and pets

You will need to be loved and nurtured, and will want to be loving, but will need to feel like you are being loved and fulfilled first
An empty cup can’t quench your thirst

Your mind will not be in work and you wish just to wish …to take time of, to be on an island ?, to be anywhere but….
For others you will want a new job maybe something less taxing

A good money ? week….

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