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What is in the stars for FEBRUARY 2016

Just before we get into February and what it holds, did you know 2016 adds up to the vibration of 9. This number is a number of very high vibrations. Why? We are called to release anything that is not positive or useful in our lives. This includes businesses, friends, projects, thought patterns, certain lifestyle habits that no longer serve us. This will pave the way for a real opening or foundation to be paved in 2017. The way to make 2016 more peaceful and rewarding for yourself is to be willing to “let go ” of whatever no longer serves it’s purpose. Other than that the number nine vibrates to learning or education….maybe it is time to learn something valuable for your growth in the upcoming years to come….

Ok back to February. February brings a more peaceful month than January. January was a tough time to the new year. There was a sense of upheaval there, even to the extent if pushing things back to square one, when you thought you could have been so much more further ahead. In terms of business the world could do some real downsizing….major downsizing so hold onto your purse strings…this is already been reflected in the Stockmarket…the Stockmarket will not do particularly well this year…
Be very cautious in financial arrangements this month. Jupiter is retrograde so not everything feels abundant or Devine…in fact one can almost feel deprived, unhappy or downright unimpressed.

So let’s look at the moon’s phases this week…

Feb 01 …moon in Scorpio. There is a subdued weird and intense feeling in the air . Nothing goes as smoothly as possible. There are awkward undercurrents at play…

Feb 02. The moon is void early morning and shifting in to Sagittarius. Conversations are blunt and possibly a bit too honest…thrown in with slight exaggeration. There is talk of travel, of books read and so forth….exciting ….

Feb 03. The moon continues in Sagittarius and brings a dimension of truth and depth of emotion to all activities.

Feb 04. The moon will enter void and move into steady Capricorn today. Ok time to get serious about finances, what needs to be done, attending to unpaid bills….nothing like crossing e everything of the to do list today . A sense of purpose is what it is all about.

Feb 05. The moon is still in Capricorn, we are still handling things with maturity. You still want to get everything done before you “go out and play!”

Feb 06. The moon starts the day in CAPRICORN, And then moves into Void There is a crazy, emotional, unexpected energy which starts about midday, and peaks late in the afternoon. This is related to money and love. Be careful with communication about money and live. This a high intense day. With this type of intense day it is good to exercise compassion.



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