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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a method of looking into the unseen, be it the past, present or future, by using numbers as symbols of the different patterns that make up the experience of every human being. In short, it means that the numbers in our lives have meaning and that, to a large extent, we can learn a lot about our path in life by paying close attention to the different numbers that make up our human existence.

Where does Numerology come from?

The term Numerology was first used in 1937 by Dr. Julia Seton, who published a book on the subject. Before then, many referred to Numerology as the Science of Numbers, Arithmancy or even Kabbalah.

There is more than one system of Numerology. With the modern system of Numerology, a lot of emphasis is placed on a person’s date of birth, while the older Chaldean system looks more at the numeric value of the name of a specific person.

The system of Chinese Astrology, known as the Four Pillars, is also actually a numerological system more than an astrological system. The reason for this is that it’s based on the calendar rather than the movement of stars and planets.

The tripod of Numerology

Like a tripod, Numerology also stands on 3 legs. And like a tripod, none of these can operate on its own.

The first leg of the tripod is Numerology itself. It is the way in which we use numbers as symbols to find different vibrational patterns in life. It is a wide field of study to which true clairvoyants pay attention as a way to broaden their experience in order to deliver a better service to clients.

JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, brought the second aspect of Numerology, namely Arithmancy, back to the forefront. Arithmancy is the technique used to manipulate numbers so that the meaning of our relationships as related by Numerology, becomes clear. Arithmancy gives us the definitions and the information we need to apply Numerology to our everyday lives.

The third leg of the Numerology tripod is also known as Kabbalah. It dates as far back as the age of the Babylonians and the Hebrews. It describes the assignment of letters of the different alphabets to certain numbers. In this way, we are able to understand the numeric value of words and convert people’s names to vibrational patterns, which gives us more information about a person.

How can you use Numerology in your everyday life?

By using Numerology, a person can gain great insight into his own nature, helping him understand exactly what it is that makes him tick. By understanding how your mind works and what your soul’s true purpose in this life is, you make your own path in life a lot easier.

Numerology can help you better understand yourself, your own longings and why you sometimes feel or react the way you do. In this way, it can help you find it easier to reach your true goals in life.

Numerology can help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand them, you will find it easier to rely on your strengths and emphasize them, while overcoming your weaknesses. Doing this, will help you reach the goals in your life a lot easier.

Let me help you find out about your personal Numerology

Finding your own way through the often complicated maze that makes up your personal Numerology can often be very difficult and sometimes even confusing. If you would like help in finding how Numerology can enhance your life, call me. I can help you figure out what your personal Numerology is and how you can apply that knowledge to make your life path a lot easier for yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether your questions are romantic, spiritual or about gaining wealth, Numerology can unlock the door for you.


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