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What to expect from a psychic reading?

Every psychic is unique, having his/her own methods and skills.  Below are questions you should ask before you get a reading.

  1. How long have you been working professionally?

Usually, the length of time a psychic has been in practice indicates how well his/her services are received.

  1. Do you have repeat clients?

Most reputable psychics have clients who come back for additional readings.

  1. How long must a repeat client wait between readings?

I’ve found in my work that little changes cosmically in a person’s energy field in less than six months.  I ask clients to wait at least that long between readings.

  1. How much do you charge?

Reputable psychics have a set fee for their services, usually based on the amount of time scheduled for the reading.  Prices vary widely based on the psychic’s location, reputation, and size of client base.  Nationally and internationally known psychics charge considerably more than a local psychic.  BE VERY CAUTIOUS if a psychic tells you that there is danger/trouble/a curse for you that requires you to come back soon for an additional fee!!!!

  1. May I record the session?

I am happy for a client to record our session or make notes, but some psychics are not.

  1. Is there a difference between a face-to-face reading and a telephone reading?

I was very hesitant to do telephone readings when I started, but now I find them to be “cleaner.”  By this I mean I have no visuals to distract me or give me pre-conceived notions about the client.  All I have is a trust in my Guides and the sound of the client’s voice in a telephone reading.  I still do face-to-face readings, and they’re just fine, but don’t be put off by a psychic who only works on the telephone.

  1. What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Most mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.  A psychic is intuitive, using a variety of abilities to bring information to you.  A medium is someone who can communicate with your loved ones across the veil.  However, note that mediums can’t control who comes through in a reading.  You may really want to talk to a particular person, but that person isn’t, for whatever reason, willing or ready to talk to you.  Someone else may come through instead.

Some psychics, like me, are sometimes able to communicate with your loved ones (including pets), but not always.  Because I am not a medium who consistently reaches across the veil, I never promise I can do this.  That gift for me seems to come when it comes, and I can’t control those times.

  1. What can I do to prepare for a reading?

Ask your Guides and Angels to be with you during the reading, and to communicate with the psychic’s Guides and Angels.  Be very clear about your questions.  Be calm, open, and willing to answer questions the psychic may ask you for clarification.  If you are seeing a medium, ask your loved ones on the other side to come through.

  1. What happens during the reading?

This varies from psychic to psychic.  I typically ask a client to provide me in advance three questions upon which they’d like us to focus during the reading.  This helps me focus my energy and my questions to my Guides.  Usually, however, additional information comes up during the reading that I also share with the client.

Most psychics I know begin the reading with a prayer for guidance, protection and clarity.  Usually the reading is much more like a conversation than you might think.  We need validation from the client that we are interpreting information and symbols we’re receiving correctly.  Some psychics make notes or simply scribble during the reading to keep themselves focused.  Some, like me, use Tarot or other tools to guide them through a reading.   I always ask if the client has additional questions or needs additional clarification on something presented during the reading.

  1. I’m afraid a psychic will tell me something bad during a reading.

No one, no one, can tell you when you’re going to die!  Never believe a psychic who would say such a thing!  Anything else that is negative can always be presented in a way that reminds the client s/he ALWAYS has choice!  Sometimes a client asks me if s/he should leave a partner.  That sort of question is always a matter of free will.

Generally speaking, a reading can be enlightening and fun.  Relax and enjoy the process!


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