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With 4 planets in retrograde these are my predictions

With 4 planets in retrograde these are my predictions:

Stockmarket may go through a funny period

People from the past may come back to love or haunt you

Life tries to go back to normal but there are so many twists and turns

COVID cases will resurface again after a period where we thought we had this beast under control, but this time we will find ways of dealing with it in a better fashion ….esp when planets ? go forward again

People will find some things sadly no longer work in their lives and may need to let them go, or do things differently

Fighting and collisions escalate on a personal and world ? level

Change of plans

Feeling flat and discouraged

We keep changing our minds

Endings with new beginnings

Drama drama drama and chaos in politics with strategies changing all the time ….let’s do things this way ….no let’s do things another way ….going around in circles …the blind leading the blind ? not so much in our country but more so in America…but eventually getting it right …with heaps of scandal ….and one scandal may truly rock us

Words being misconstrued

Not really having a definite plan but so desperately wanting one

Plans going backwards

People leaving your life

Your mindset becomes poverty stricken like, don’t let it ….possibly worrying more than you need to as your mind can become so negative

Too much overthinking with little progress in fixing problems

Businesses still being challenged, but will re open or try to return to normal, under challenging circumstances which will constantly throw them new provocations…..
So attempt after attempt will have them figuring and re figuring how to do things right until they eventually get it right….businesses still under financial constraints

For the truly enlightened and forward thinking types this will provide them an opportunity to Go back to fix and do something right this time round, because they now know better….


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