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Your Lenormand cards are revealed!

Your Lenormand cards are revealed!

Remember your Lenormand cards? If not, you can head back to the previous post to select your cards. Once you got them….read below…..


Identify the key words associated with your cards….it may help to write this down or put in the comments what each of your cards mean.

1)Tower-authority, solitude, loneliness, isolation, aloofness, ego, pride

2. Garden-public affairs, society, culture, teamwork, fame, social networking,

3.Birds-worry, excitement, gossip, chatting, nervousness, anxiety

4.Bed- relaxation, illness, sex, privacy, comfort, bedroom

5. Child-new beginning, child, toddlers, play, inexperienced, innocent, immaturity

6. Ship-departure, farewell, distance, voyage, travel, journey, adventure

7. Coffin-ending, funeral, loss, grief, mourning, sadness

8. Lady-female, family member or female friend, feminine issues

9. Letter-document, email, speech, conversations, information, communication

10. Fox- selfishness, self care, trickery, suspicious, cunning caution

Identify your focus card. The 2nd card you picked is your focus card. This card will generally serve as the central topic your month will revolve around. The cards surrounding this card (the first and third cards you picked) augment the focus card. Usually, the center card is the noun and the surrounding cards are the adjectives used to describe it.

For example if you picked…

Tower + Bed + fox

A month where you relax and spend time alone looking after your own needs


REMEMBER…This is for fun! This is a very simplified reading and Lenormand can do sooo much more.
It’s perfectly okay if you don’t feel like you don’t 100% understand your reading. I recommend commenting below with your cards and interpretation so you can reference back and see how your week played out. This simple practice can help you to develop a relationship with the cards.

What did you get? Let me know in the comments, below!

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