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Your Life Path If You Were Born on the 29th

Lately I have been receiving many phone calls from people whose birth date is connected to the number 29. So, since today is the 29th, I have decided to do a special psychic reading for all of you born on the 29th and whose birth date number is somehow connected to the 29th.

Interesting psychic insights for people born on the 29th


People born on the 29th are quite special people. However, your lives won’t be without challenges.

You are incredibly sensitive, so try not to dwell on the past too much. Also, don’t allow the fears and worries of others to consume you. If you allow this to happen, it will eventually deplete your own vitality.

Be patient, as it will only be in your later years that you will find true happiness with the opposite sex. Before then you may experience some level of pain or unhappiness where romantic love is concerned.

Be very careful not to let the opposite sex manipulate you in this life. Make sure you make up your own mind and stick to your own belief system, so you will not be led astray. There may be one person who will try to do this to you and succeed, so be aware of it.

You are incredibly talented, yet you tend to underestimate your own abilities, allowing uncertainty, indecision and anxiety to undermine you. And with that, you also undermine your wonderful intelligence!

Some people with the number 29 in their Numerology chart, experience some natural disaster in this life like fire or flood. Thankfully, you live to tell the tale.

In this life you will be drawn to the occult or world of spirit. Many of you will do courses on enlightened therapies.

Others may be drawn to alcohol or drugs. So make sure you channel your highly sensitive nature carefully. Drugs, sex and rock and roll may attract you on some level.

Like I already said, the latter years will be better for you, as your challenging experiences earlier on will allow you to become more at peace with yourself in later life. This will give your the necessary wisdom and serenity of mind which you have craved from birth.

One more thing: you are much happier when you are fighting on behalf of another person such as a loved one, a child or a partner. Even fighting for the community at large will make you happy. Your fighting spirit and liveliness really come alive and shine.

On the other hand, you are not happy being alone or not being of help to someone close to you; that is when depression can set in. So please, be in the company of others. You thrive and operate optimally in this way.

Your complex yet loving nature as well as your want to be of real help to the community at large, make all of you with this birth date wonderful people to come across in life.

Stay true to yourself and wonderful forever. You are truly magnificent!

If you weren’t born on the 29th but you know of someone who was, please share this post with them.


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