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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto: loving kindness makes for better water


This magnificent man study water and the affects our thoughts and words have on the life force of water. Put simply, ugly, unkind or rude thoughts create broken, asymmetrical shapes in water. When water was exposed to beautiful and kind words, and even classical music, the crystals that formed in the water looked something like the adjacent picture; beautiful, symmetrical shapes.

The human body is 97 percent water. Knowing what Masaru Emoto’s study revealed about water and the effect of bad or unkind words as opposed to kind, loving words, can you imagine if the body is exposed to unkind and ugly thoughts or words what sickness may come about in the body? However, the body could be healed and revitalised with kind and loving words.

Dr Masaru Emoto believes the best way to heal the body is to bless the water you drink with loving and kind words or thoughts. I did this for a week and my eczema literally healed up.

Now I write words of ‘love and appreciation’ on my glass water bottles that I drink the water from, knowing that my body is receiving the benefits from all the loving and kind crystals inherent in water.

If you are suffering from eczema, an auto-immune disorder or some other disease, you may want to see that the water you drink is not only healthy and clean but blessed with good thoughts as well. And just as you bless your water with loving and kind thoughts, also remember to say loving and kind things to the body – it does the body a whole lot of good!

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